Monday, March 16, 2009

Hooray for Spring

Because of the nice weather we were finally able to open up the window for the kitties and they have been thoroughly enjoying themselves.

And I finally got a picture of the squirrel in the birdhouse. They flip open the lid and jump right in. :p


leeshaknows said...

I bet Uzi and Ziggy are so happy, the sun must feel so good to them! :) I can't believe the squirrels figured out how to get into the birdfeeder. How crazy. Scott's grandpa has a birdfeeder that flips the squirrels off when they try to climb on it. It actually sends them flying. Although I think the squirrels are too smart to fall for it. ;P

BreezyAnne-a + Fam said...

Yay for spring! and I love you music!

Heather said...

Hahahaha - I'd love to see squirrels flying. That's hilarious. Oooh, speaking of music, I should probably add some new tunes as well!